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Lintan Health is Dr Sultan Linjawi, founder of Lintan Health, can be contacted on the details below:

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Lintan Health has moved to the following locations:

  • Coffs Harbour Diabetes Center
  • The Aim Centre, Newcastle
  • Enriched Health, Port Macquarie
  • King Street Medical Centre, Grafton


Dr. Sultan Linjawi

Sultan was originally educated and trained in England. He holds a degree in Histopathology as well as being a member of the Royal College of Physicans (United Kingdom) and a fellow of the Australasian College of Physicans. He trained in diabetes and metabolism in Newcastle, NSW and he currently lives and works in the Coffs Harbour Area. Sultan is married with 2 children and is a passionate fisherman.



What our patients have to say about us:

I feel that the money I paid is better spent with the LINTAN Program as I have been given information that I can keep referring to. Having done those other quick/costly weight loss programs I believe you offer the best solution to meet peoples’ needs. Specialist workshops have helped us clients to take responsibility, and give us options. Thanks! I am really happy with my weight loss and being able to keep my weight down. I have also been able to cut back on my insulin dose by 8 units per day!
L. Petterson – Port Macquarie

Each of the sessions that I have attended so far has incorporated incredibly useful information that makes sense. These sessions have been absolutely what I have needed to inspire me in my weight loss goals, exercise and diet control journey. The tools given by LINTAN Health have helped me understand the complexities of weight control, and I am feeling empowered to not only gain control of my weight, but also to inspire others in my family who have had the same issues with weight. The positive nature of this program, and the down to earth approach (particularly from those who are specialists in their fields), helps people from different backgrounds to understand the processes needed to overcome and succeed in weight loss.
Naomi – Coffs Harbour

My doctor sent me to the diabetes specialist to start insulin, but I didn’t want to start insulin at that stage so my specialist suggested I start LINTAN Health as an alternative. I started making easy changes to my lifestyle, avoided insulin and have actually cut down my diabetes tablets. When I was diagnosed with diabetes my blood sugar was 38.0mmol/l and my weight was 118kg! I now weigh 94kg and my blood sugar this morning was 6.0. I’ve done the ‘diet thing’ many times before and hated it. It doesn’t work! After doing LINTAN Health I have worked out how to continue my lifestyle, enjoy what I eat but still lose weight and keep my diabetes under good control.
Peter – Coffs Harbour

After the birth of my third child, I started putting on weight. It was gradual at first, but over a period of 30 years I managed to gain 35 kgs. I have tried everything from Weight Watchers several times, Sure Slim, Shakes and even prescription drugs from my Doctor; these worked in the short term but in the long run the weight all went back on. I had several health issues: high blood pressure, reflux, and borderline diabetes. Then I saw an ad for Lintan Health and thought to myself, ‘why not? I have tried everything else.’ So I attended my first education session at LINTAN Health. It was great, I didn’t realize what there was to learn about my body and how much I could improve my health, every meeting I have learnt something new and found it very easy to change my eating habits, lose weight and still enjoy life. Since joining LINTAN I have lost 11.6kg, I still have more to lose and I am continuing the program and weighing in regularly. This is the best program I have ever followed and I am determined this time not to go back to my old habits.
Denise – Newcastle

Thanks to LINTAN Health I have been able to reduce my cholesterol medication by half! With the support of the team of professionals, and their guidance I lost 11 kilos in 6 months. The program provided the information and support I needed to make simple adjustments to my diet. By eating a wide range of foods – in appropriate amounts, I now feel healthier and more energised.
J. Atkinson

Prior to the program I was at a loss to deal with my weight problem. Since completing the program which was recommended by my doctor, I have avoided undergoing gastric banding which was my only other alternative.

I came into the program with an open mind but deep down I was sceptical if it would work or not. With most other programs (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig) I had an initial weight loss then nothing. Once I stopped the programs the weight piled on. With this program I have learnt a lot about good food choices and also a lot about myself and what I want in my life. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to lose weight.
V. Radunz

The LINTAN Health Program has given my husband a new lifestyle, and he loves it. He was told in the past to lose weight each time we visited our doctor, however there was no tackling of this problem head on and this is what you are doing. We have now got lots of motivation and education about the body and different foods and portions, and the resulting effects. He has lost weight, and our doctor has reduced his Micardis, as his blood pressure is excellent! His borderline diabetes seems to have disappeared.
D. Hunter – Port Macquarie

I have made many positive lifestyle changes as the program allowed me to lose weight, have a better understanding of nutrition and how to make better choices to continue to lose weight. I have also made more time in my life for myself.

I began the program on the advice of my doctor who predicted that many of my health and vitality problems would disappear if I could lose weight. I have found my eating habits have radically changed, without any real drama. It isn’t difficult or intrusive into everyday activities. It’s money saving as one’s health improves significantly! I have dropped clothes size from a size 22 to 16. This has enabled me to feel better psychologically and physically, and my medication has also dropped. I am naturally a long-term convert!
J. Drayton

Over the moon with the results, 21 years ago I joined Jenny Craig and lasted 4 weeks. Between then and now I have gained six children and 50kgs and tried Shakes and Weight Watchers losing maximum of 15kg as and always quickly gaining more than I lost in a very short period of time. None of these programs offered the sort of information that LINTAN Health has empowered me with and I will NEVER be 152 kg again.
S. Preo (lost over 25kg in 6 months)

A lot of thought went into producing the program. I thought I knew all there was to know about ‘dieting’ but I learnt heaps! My expectations were more than met. I had gotten to the stage I thought it was impossible for me to lose weight, now I believe I CAN lose weight!

I participated in the LINTAN Health program and it helped me immensely. It made me more aware of what carbohydrates were and how much I should actually eat in a day. You don’t realise until someone points it out to you. I was very impressed with the program and I lost 12kg in 6 months which I have sustained for about 2 years now. I was really happy with that. It is a friendly and supportive program, I learned a lot and I am off insulin now, thank you!
Les – Coffs Harbour

I was overweight (obese in fact) and my health was declining when I was recommended to join the LINTAN Health Program. This has been the most successful program I have ever attended. Not only have I lost weight (over 20kg) but I am taking control of my health. I have been able to reduce my medication considerably, and I am confident I can get my medication down to a minimum. The people that run this course are very professional and the sessions are very interesting with helpful information. I would definitely recommend the LINTAN Health Program.
Kevin – Coffs Harbour

My wife and I couldn’t be happier with our results. Now that we have done the program it is so easy to follow to help us maintain our weight loss. We hope everyone that has gone through the program will tell others about it like we are!
J. & K. McGlynn

Not sure what my expectations were, but I was pleasantly surprised at the knowledge I did gain – It makes sense. The support and guidance throughout the program was fantastic and the quality of the program is excellent!
B. Morris

The quality of this program is very good! It covers all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and contains everything to lose and maintain weight. I have the knowledge and tools to change my lifestyle and have had improved blood sugar levels and lowered blood pressure.
B. Denham